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We consider both, gas-gas and gas-oil competition, customers can choose to buy gas on the basis of a Price Formula or at a Fixed Price.

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Natural gas packages

Price Formula


  • Stock price + Fixed merchant mark-up
  • Stock price changes every month
  • Low stock price – lower payment, high stock price – higher payment

Fixed Price

  • Fixed price for the duration of the contract
  • Price can be fixed for 1-3 years
  • Protects against market price volatility
  • Easily plan costs in the long term

TTF price, EUR/MWh

ICE TTF natural gas index settlement price for the given month, calculated as the arithmetic average daily settlement price of the given month’s future during the preceding month, EUR/MWh


Average gas prices on the Commodity Market (TGE)

* Data as of December 8, 2023 (TGE); PLN/MWh

Natural gas is the best partner to renewable energy

Coming from its high calorific value and low carbon content, natural gas is an important alternative fuel for oil and coal in the world and plays vital role in the transition to renewable energy. Due to the high volumes of the gas, the price is expected to remain stable in the long run.

Natural gas, which is mainly methane, is an environmental friendly source of energy that helps to reduce global carbon emissions and local air pollution. The combustion does not result in emissions of sulphur oxide (SOx), which, combined with water, can form acid rain. It also causes 85% less nitric oxide (NOx), which, combined with water, can form corrosive acids, promote lung diseases, asthma, heart disease, and is a major component of the smog.

Combustion of natural gas does not create fine particles such as soot or smoke from the burning of oil or wood, which is a significant health hazard and the deadliest type of air pollution.

As the transport of natural gas is performed mainly through pipes, it does not cause transport loads on cars or railways, and as a result, the amount of exhaust gases and noise in our living environment decreases.

Natural gas is paving road and is a good addition to biomethane, a renewable energy source of local origin. Biomethane is a purified biogas and its composition and quality is equivalent to natural gas. Therefore, these two can be used in the same network.

Advantages of natural gas

Gas for heating

  • High calorific value and environmentally friendly.
  • Most affordable source of energy in initial investment and running costs.
  • Modern gas boilers are fully automated and built to be safe and efficient.
  • No harmful combustion residues, only carbon dioxide and water vapour.
  • Transportation through pipelines not trucks helps reduce air pollution.

Gas for industry

  • Can be used in different industrial processes e.g in glass and building materials industry.
  • Calorific value is around 10.5 kWh/m3, while maximum combustion temperature is over 2100 ° C.
  • Enables flexible consumption.
  • Off-grid options – if pipeline is not available a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank with regasification unit can be installed.
  • Enables the automation of combustion processes, achieves the desired combustion temperatures quickly and reliably.

Gas in transport

  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) for sea transport and international road haulage.
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) for land transport.
  • EU goals: CNG filling stations at least every 150 km and LNG stations at least every 400 km by 2025.

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